David Roberts

I’ve recently become semi-retired after a career in the pharmaceutical industry, and having written articles for a variety of magazines in the past, Including Snaketorque I answered Graham’s call to take on Editorship of the club magazine.

My interest in cars started as a small child, reinforced when my dad got a 3L Mk1 Granada in ‘Flame Orange’- quite a car to have in 1974. My first car was a Mini clubman (with COB in the registration) followed by another mini and then an array of company cars. My current day car is a Toyota, but I persuaded my wife to buy a DB9 for days too wet for the Cobra. I saw my first Cobra as a 17 year old at Stoneleigh and decided I was going to have one  I got my first one (a Brightwheel – OLN???W – it’s still out there I believe) in 1996 and kept it until I was forced to sell it to pay for some school fees and a kitchen extension. I mourned it’s passing and even saw it it nearby once. I got my current Mk2 Sumo in 2006 and have done many miles in it since – some of which have been written up for articles in ST. I’ve attended two ECMs, Switzerland and Holland and am booked up to attend the French one this year. The Swiss ECM in Davos was absolutely amazing – driving the passes and tunnels in groups of Cobras was unforgettable. I’m looking forward to meeting more club members and if you have an article in mind, be it technical, a build story, a road trip or just the story of your involvement with Cobras please send it to via the button below. Feel free to come and talk to me, I’m at many car events within a 70 mile radius of Northampton with my wife Kay (NEC, Silverstone etc) as we are the East Mids / East Anglian Regional Organiser for the Sporting Bears motor club who use their cars to make money for charity. Look for the yellow Cobra with the ACC registration.

David Roberts

Editor, Snake Torque

The official magazine of the Cobra Replica Club UK

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