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As a club we are always trying to do things to help our paid members and with this in mind we are pleased to announce that we are using our platform as a sales vehicle for members to advertise their Cobra or Cobra related parts free of charge. Either click on the link under “SHOP” in the top banner or click the button below.

Of course we haven’t forgotten those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to join the club and the same platform is available to non-members but there is a £10 charge for advertising your Cobra and £2 for advertising Cobra related parts.

Annual General Meeting of The Cobra Replica Club UK

Another glorious day at the national kit car show, please find the link to the club AGM Video and the finalised club accounts below.

Many thanks to Catherine Gaskell of JC Autosports for providing the video!


Thanks to Tommy, we can welcome you to the social media side of the official “UK Cobra Replica Club” We are dragging ourselfs kicking and screaming into a new platform to support our club and fantastic cars. Please come and join in, but remeber to be kind and courteous to all members. If you dont like something just keep it to yourself and keep scrolling. No spamming or sales on this group please, a secondry groups is available for members wishing to sell items.

Short History Of the UK Cobra Club

The UK Cobra Club was formed in April 1987 and is dedicated to replica’s of the AC Cobra marque, both 289 and 427 body styles. You will find information on this site that will make owning a replica AC Cobra a pleasurable experience. Please feel free to meet the committee, look for your local meet in the regions section, join the club or buy merchandise in the shop section or look at the events section and see what’s happening in the near future. Plus don’t forget the Members cobra forum which can be found here.
Once you’ve joined the club you’ll receive a membership card and a copy of the current club magazine, SNAKETORQUE, which is packed full of articles detailing some of the aspects of cobra life, trips out, technical tips, clever work-arounds and build up diaries.
Plus with membership you can also get a good discount from most of the major kit-car insurance companies, just quote your membership number! Lastly there will be special offers purely for members coming soon, watch this space! Go to the shop page for joining options!


Being a member of the club brings you some seriously good benefits all for a small yearly subscription. Most of the well known insurance providers give a discount for club members plus you receive copies of the well renowned club magazine, Snaketorque


Welcome to the shop where you can buy UK Cobra branded Regalia and merchandise, or browse cars and Parts for sale

Please note the disclaimer on the shop page with reference delivery times etc.


Check out our brand new Members Forum!

New Magazine ready to drop on your doorsteps soon!

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