West Midlands

Organiser: – Chris Paxford,

2021 Provisional West Midlands Cobra Club Meets

Please note that meets are generally scheduled the 2nd Sunday of the month. However, this is not always the case so it is best to check. We are hoping that the March meet will be the first meet of 2021. This will be confirmed nearer the date.
Open to ideas and suggestions. No dates yet for Spetchley Park – a number of us enjoyed those this year. We can schedule in when we know.

March 14th – Provisionally Caffeine and Machine (depends on weather and COVID!)

April 11th – Provisionally Caffeine and Machine or maybe Spetchley Park (depends on weather and COVID!)

May 2nd/3rd – Stoneleigh Kit Car Show – (We hope!)

June 5th/6th – Coventry Motofest – Paul Sephton normally books spaces for this. We will need to coordinate with East Midlands

June 13th – Caffeine and Machine

July 11th – Suggest we miss this and make Newark our meeting. Will arrange something further west if there is enough interest.

July 24/25th – Newark Kit Car Show Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Newark, NG24 2NY. Details for this event will be posted nearer the date. Newark Kit Car Show – REVIVAL! To make this a success, we all need to support this as much as possible! Hence, suggest we join East Midlands and make this our monthly meet.

July 30th to 1st August Silverstone Classic – detail on Cobra Forum. Members to organise their own tickets

August 8th – Caffeine and Machine

September 12th – Sywell Piston & Props is next weekend. Will arrange something further west if enough support or we can make Sywell our meet.

September 18th – Sywell Piston & Props – Use code SYW50 before end of year to get your tickets at £9 each. Great event, really enjoyed 2020.

October 10th – Caffeine and Machine