Using Member Mojo

As area reps you have access to the club membership database. I’ve put instructions below to help you access the database so you should now be able to see who is in your area and check membership number etc for anyone who asks you for it.

On the main club website, click on the “join Us” button.

Then “Sign In”

Log in with the e-mail and password you used when you joined the club. If you cannot remember the e-mail that you used contact Kev, membership secretary

Once you have signed in, click on the “View” part of the members list under “Membership Actions”. If you don’t see that section then contact Kev, membership secretary to give you access.

Type the name you want to search in the search box

Finally, if you want to search via alphabetical name, or address etc then click one of the column headers to re-arrange the table.

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