Richard Smith

Richard is vintage 1959 and now has at least one eye on retirement.  Acquired in 2012, he has been “very” gradually restoring a Southern Roadcraft SRV8 having all Jaguar running gear including inboard discs for which access is no problem on this model. The engine is a Chevy 305 that he has rebuilt and fitted Eddlebrock goodies including a good old fashioned carburettor.  Original build was early 90’s and it still has the original deep blue gel coat. Maintained in the classic style, the lack of bling adds to an increasing number of people asking if it is an original – “if only” being the answer! 

Being what may be said the accident of the family, one of his earliest recollections is being taken to a race meeting and seeing a guy in a white helmet with a blue tartan band winning in a White car with Green stripe, which I now know to have been Jacky Stewart in the Works Lotus Cortina Mk1 at Snetterton, and sitting much much closer to the track than you are allowed today. Seventies School boy dreams was to build a Rally Escort Mk1 with those beautiful curved bulging wheel arches. The Le Mans film with Steve McQueen and the beautiful Gulf Ford GT40 initiated the love of American big V8 music.

Richard has made a successful career and seen the world working in a variety of positions for manufacturers of bespoke Heavy Industry Compressors, Fans and Heat Exchangers for the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Metals refining industries.  Married to Helen, he has one son Aaron and two young grand daughters, Pheobe and Harper and fittingly referred to as “Grumpa”!  

Hopefully retirement will bring about more time for supporting Club events across the UK and constructive activity with the committee members and UKCRC Area  representatives.

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