2024 Annual General Meeting


At the 2024 Annual General Meeting to be held at Malvern on Sunday June 2nd the current members of the Committee will each retire and stand for re-election in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.
Under the Constitution, members are entitled to nominate another member to stand as a candidate for election to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

The Chairman must receive all nominations by not later than 10pm Friday 31th May 2024.

In order to propose a member as a candidate, or to be nominated as a candidate the proposer and the member being nominated must have paid their 2024 membership subscription. Any person who has not satisfied these requirements is ineligible to stand as a candidate or to propose any other member to stand as a candidate for election.  Any nomination by or for an ineligible member will be disregarded.

Important notes

By law, no person who is either:
Under the age of 18;
Or an undischarged bankrupt;
Or who has been disqualified from being a director of a company or from being involved in the management of a company (may be a director of a company) and may not therefore be nominated or appointed as a member of the Committee).

Also by law, company directors must avoid any conflict of interest between the interests of the company (i.e. the Club) and their own personal or business interests.  In particular, no director may receive any personal advantage or benefit from their position as a director.


The following form is best viewed with your phone or tablet turned on it’s side, ie landscape view!

To Nominate a new member for a position on the committee please place there name below in the role you want them voted for, or leave blank if you are happy to accept the existing committee member for that role. finally place your name at the end and press “Submit nomination”

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