Tony Merrick

I started my Cobra path back in 2003 when I was bought a chassis for a pilgrim Sumo for my 40th birthday. I built and kept that for several years constantly upgrading it till I ran out of options. So Rather than spend silly money on it to get it slightly better I sild it and bought an AK kit. After speaking to Jon at AK he agreed to build me a one-off special to accommodate my larger than average body size. The car was IVA'd in August 2012 and I kept it till 2016 when I sold it and bought myself a pristine Mercedes SL500.


As for my involvement with the club, I started as Area rep liaison, then Club secretary, moved up to Club Chairman and then to Magazine editor. I thought my time was about over but I'm back as the webmaster and have recently done this website and club shop. Enjoy!!

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